New food technology: changing the game

Ketan Shah, founder and managing director of PredicAire, discusses the importance of nutrition and hydration in elderly care, and explains why incorporating a nutrition app into your Care Management System (CMS) could be a gamechanger

“The most powerful tool to change your health, environment, and entire world is your fork.”Dr Mark Hyman

It has long been accepted that there is a clear link between healthy eating and wellbeing, and nowhere is this more important than in care for the elderly. How much we eat and drink, and what we consume, can have a direct effect on our mood, concentration levels, and overall wellness. However, as we age our appetites often lessen, or we at times become intolerant to different types of food. There are many reasons for this, including a decreased metabolic rate, medications which can affect taste or appetite, sensory changes (such as loss of taste), depression, dental issues, and reduced physical activity.

Although a reduced appetite alone is not a significant problem, long-term it can be a risk factor, as being underweight is a greater risk factor for death than being overweight in the elderly population.1 Therefore, preventing malnutrition, and identifying and treating it if it does occur, is an important policy in care settings. In the long term, promoting good nutrition helps promote better outcomes for residents.

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