Software integration a success

Rodwell House in Surrey, part of the Graham Care group of care homes, is celebrating the successful integration of medicines administration and electronic care planning applications from Person Centred Software and Invatech Health.

The integration means that data from Invatech Health’s Atlas electronic medicines management system (eMAR) is shared with Person Centred Software’s electronic care planning system, Mobile Care Monitoring. This enables care home staff to view all information on resident care including medicines administrations in one place.

Medication evidenced in the eMAR automatically appears as a care record within the Mobile Care Monitoring system providing an integrated record of care provided and meds administered. Combining the platforms ensures critical information will be available when needed and empowers care home staff to understand prescribing and issuing patterns, and ultimately minimise errors.

The shared platform also strengthens the partnerships between care homes, GPs and pharmacies, allowing for better integration and collaboration. The amalgamation of care and medicines data could also lead to intelligent ways to detect patterns in the data that could predict care outcomes and establish early interventions. Both companies have projects investigating the potential use of the big data that is available and which now provides further context for resident care.

Ernie Graham, owner of Graham Care, says: “In a care home environment, there is a mass of data and the challenge is to combine the data together to make sense of and predict where errors and risks are. With the integration between our eMAR and electronic care planning providers, Invatech Health and Person Centred Software, we can analyse the combined data well and predict where risks are and amend care plans to keep people well.”

Andrew Coles, head of product management at Person Centred Software, says: “Care providers are seeing the benefits of reducing risks using electronic systems. Many are now on a digital journey, whether they started with eMAR or electronic care planning, and we are joining them together to magnify the benefits of both solutions.

"Our system is a central repository for data and by working with best of breed solutions we enable care homes to use ecosystem of technology to improve outcomes and demonstrate quality of care efficiently to regulatory inspectors.”

Sajid Ramzan, director of sales at Atlas eMAR, says: “Our joint customers can simply switch on the integration option with no change to their day to day practice. New customers now have a choice of choosing the best electronic care planning system and the best eMAR for their unique needs, knowing that the data can be shared easily.”