New ISA family

Our new ISA family features a range of Stand Assist lifters suitable for use in community and residential care settings. Three models available; ISA Compact, Standard and Xplus

CASPA reaches 50 members

Following the establishment of the ‘Care Software Providers Association’ back in March 2019, the founding members of CASPA are delighted to announce that membership has reached a total of 50 software providers within the health and social care sector.

Care planning provider's milestone

Person Centred Software is now celebrating the 1,500th care home using its Mobile Care Monitoring system. In October 2019, Oakview Care Home in Birmingham was Person Centred Software’s 1,500th implementation.

Dementia friendly door wraps

Dementia is a confusing and debilitating condition. Even in familiar surroundings, sufferers may feel anxious and uncertain. But you can make a person with dementia feel safe, calm and mentally stimulated. You can help your patients by investing in dementia-friendly door wraps. These door wraps aid navigation and reduce patient anxiety in dementia care environments. The choice available can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve put together a handy buyer’s guide to the range of dementia-friendly door wraps available.

The revolutionary chair

One of the biggest headaches in the care industry, especially care homes which cater for those with complex needs and challenging behaviour, has been the high turnover of furniture which they have to contend with. A lot of ‘care furniture’ either doesn’t look nice, being too clinical or old-fashioned in a modern care setting, or isn’t designed with the challenges of the care industry in mind.

Poppy appeal

Today Probadge have launched a Poppy Appeal.

Progenta crystal spot remover

This stain remover for carpets lifts stains by mildly agitating the fibres. Simply spray onto the stain (following manufacturer guidelines) and then agitate using the spotting tool. Use the edge of the tool to remove excess foam.

New wet cleaning system

Girbau is teaming up with Ideal, an independent family-run British company that formulates professional laundry and biodegradable wet clean detergents, to launch a new turnkey Wet Cleaning system for OPLS and professional textile care operations.

Launch set to revolutionise care plans

Log my Care, the care software provider, has announced the launch of its new Care Plan and Assessments tool, designed to revolutionise how care plans are created and managed.

Care home praises myco 3

The owner of a care home rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission has praised the ‘100% positive’ deployment of Myco smartphones for staff, in a unique partnership between leading health and social care technology providers Ascom and Person Centred Software.

Taffy Gatawa joins CASPA

The CASPA Board of Directors, an independent association representing the views and interests of social care software providers, announces the appointment of Taffy Gatawa CIPP/E to the Board. Ms. Gatawa, Chief Information & Compliance Officer at everyLIFE Technologies, expands the Board to 6 Directors and brings expertise in data protection, information governance and security within the social care and software sector.

Aroma care solutions launches hand sanitiser

Aroma Care Solutions has launched a new alcohol-free hand sanitiser to help healthcare institutions prevent the spread of infectious diseases among staff, patients and visitors.

Healthcare professionals of the future

Hartlepool Sixth Form has launched a state-of-the-art Health Hub to provide future healthcare professionals with skills to meet the sector’s increasing needs.

Water Safety Masterclass

Healthcare professionals in Scotland will benefit from the latest water safety masterclass delivered by expert washroom providers, Armitage Shanks and medical solutions provider, Pall Medical. The masterclass will feature a number of engaging sessions from a range of expert speakers offering guidance on how to best overcome challenges faced when making decisions around the most effective water-borne infection control processes in hospitals.

Smart technology voice activation

“Hey smart speaker, can you support residents in care to make life a little easier?”

Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chairs

Etac R82, the respected assistive equipment specialist, has introduced the latest product to its ergonomic and sustainable portfolio – the ground-breaking Etac Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chair range.

Manage the risks of resident choking

At SoupedUp, we’ve seen residents pass away from choking because a change of diet form wasn’t delivered to the kitchen in a timely manner and the resident was given the wrong food texture.

NHS digital funding extends

NHS Digital’s Social Care Digital Innovation Programme funding is enabling care homes in Sutton and Merton to transfer care records to hospital electronically.

Domino |The Arrival of the King

We're incredibly excited to announce that we've teamed up with Zonzini as the exclusive UK distributor of their Domino People stairclimber! Domino People is a new type of stairclimber which can carry both powered and hand-operated wheelchairs with a capacity up to 400kg.

The power of reminiscence

The Sporting Memories Foundation has been chosen by Person Centred Software as its charity of the year. The charity tackles dementia, depression and loneliness through the power of sports reminiscence.