Hassle free warewashing

Winterhalter’s Pay-Per-Wash scheme is changing the way care homes fund their ware washing - it gives users a machine, chemicals, machine service and customer support for a fixed pay-per-wash fee of as little as 26.2p - and now it has made it even more attractive by bundling in its Connected Wash package as part of the scheme, for free.

Connected Wash ware washers are networked via LAN or W-LAN and send machine data to a server, virtually in real time. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, customers can monitor machine functions via the Connected Wash app, around the clock and from anywhere in the world.  

The system not only shows how machines are operating, it also sends alerts if there is an issue, including if cleaning chemicals are running low or if there is a blockage. It even gives energy saving tips – for example, if staff regularly turn the machine on too early, leaving it idle and wasting power, it will highlight the issue.  

Connected Wash can be used to monitor one machine or several, on one site or on multiple sites, all from one device.  

For care homes the main attraction of Connected Wash will be that it minimises downtime, ensuring that the warewasher is always functioning well and delivering hygienic, sparkling clean results.  A thermal disinfection variable is also available.

“Adding Connected Wash to the no-risk, low cost of Pay-Per-Wash delivers what we believe is the ideal warewashing package for care homes,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter UK.  “They get a top quality machine, and top quality results, for minimal outlay.”  

With Pay-Per-Wash operators select a desired number of wash cycles and prepay for them, using a credit card. The warewasher is internet-connected and the wash codes bought are automatically entered into the machine, so staff can start washing straight away. The cost per wash will depend on the machine chosen and usually customers will buy at least 100 washes in advance.