Advanced DBS checks

“Every care provider knows that obtaining DBS clearance is not only an essential part of the recruitment process but it’s a CQC requirement. “

“Processing DBS checks can be time-consuming, and if done manually, it can cause delays to the hiring process. We know the longer the delay, the higher probability of losing the best candidates, which wastes time and money.”

Mark Sugden, employment screening expert at GBG commenting on the partnership said: “The Care Hub’s innovative approach to streamlining care providers’ recruitment processes, combined with their award-winning applicant tracking system and candidate management software makes them an ideal partner for us.“

 “Care providers will now be able to start a DBS check in their private Care Hub dashboard. The integration of the two systems will display a status update, and the end result all from a single dashboard meaning the checks will be turned around quicker and the candidate able to start. It’s a fantastic fit for users in the Care sector who have a legal requirement to process criminal record checks on staff members.”

Scott Sherriden, continued, “We selected GBG because their system and support function is outstanding and they are ‘best in class’ at what they do. By integrating GBG’s tools into the Care Hub platform, clients will make significant time and cost savings as well as speed up their time to hire. We will be offering this additional module free of charge so that our clients only need to pay for the actual DBS checks.“

 “Our goal is to help care providers take control of their own recruitment. By enabling providers to drive down their hiring costs, increase their in-house recruitment capabilities and providing them with the tools needed to attract, hire and retain the right people, we can make a huge contribution to helping the care sector avoid a staffing crisis.  “

 “The partnership is a great fit for us but more importantly, it’s a great fit for our clients.”

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