Pen pals sought by French students

A teacher at a high school near Toulouse in the South of France is hoping to set up a partnership with a care home to give her students the opportunity to become pen pals with residents.

Lola Rougé-Thomas, who teaches English at Nelson Mandela High School, says: “I would like to create a partnership with a nursing home so that my students can write to the residents.

“I want them to understand that older people are much more present than they were a few decades back and that it is our duty not only to show respect for each other but to create bonds which are more important than that - learning from one another can only be of benefit to both parties.”

Rougé-Thomas hopes the project will trigger more intense involvement by her 15 year old students in the process of learning a foreign language and furthermore, that it will help them grow as individuals.

"It took me a few months working as a personal carer as a summer job to understand all the benefits resulting from interaction with older and wiser people. Looking back, it was a very fulfilling period and had a tremendous impact on the person I am today," she adds.

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