Rinnai keeps eye on hot water with remote monitoring system

Care home hot water system supplier Rinnai has introduced advanced remote monitoring that allows instant access with intelligent service and maintenance.

The enhanced monitoring system enables the advanced proprietary technology of the Rinnai continuous flow water heaters to be transposed to an onsite BMS (building management system) or IP via cloud services. 

That functionality allows care homes to set alarm functions, trend data, event handling, temperature set points, temperature control for Legionella regimes and many other monitoring capabilities.  

Any malfunction can be repaired by a first-time fix due to enhanced remote visibility which in turn will severely reduce on site down-time.  

The new system supports unit and systems to run maximum efficiency for the lifetime of the appliances due to advanced data analytics of temperature and combustion set points.  

If there is a constant supply of gas and water Rinnai hot water heating units are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all types of sites. 

The new monitoring system will integrate Rinnai proprietary communications onto open protocol BMS, and this is also compatible with touch-screen technology to provide localised feedback from the water heating units via intuitive user experience. 

The system can link up to six Rinnai commercial-sized continuous flow water heaters with a smart serial hub which in turn transposes Rinnai data objects via gateway technology to be viewed on open protocol BMS. 

The advanced system has present day and future proofing in mind as the serial hub and gateway can be transposed as data objects on to a range of communication protocols including – BACnet/ IP, BACnet MS/TP, and Modbus RTU. 

Due to the many proprietary data objects communicable from the water heating systems, preventative and even predicative maintenance regimes can be established. 

This system has been taken up in multiple sites by a global food service company, utilising the new Rinnai N series 1300i continuous flow water heaters. The company is also focusing this monitoring system on predictive maintenance.  

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