Miele offers big savings on Little Giant washing machines

Miele has slashed £200 off the price of its ‘Little Giant’ commercial washing machine range for the month of July to help care homes cope with the cost of tackling Covid-19.

“Covid-19 brought some unexpected challenges to the care sector in 2020, with managers and owners having to make difficult choices when it came to purchasing,” the company said.

“At the same time as budgets were being squeezed, it has never been more important to keep care homes at the cutting edge of hygiene to protect our most frail and vulnerable population,” it added.

The Little Giant range includes a machine that offers one of the shortest washing cycles of just 49 minutes with a load capacity of 6.5kg, making it ideal for care homes who are operating the laundry several times a day in order to cater for demand.

The Little Giant range can be stacked with a Miele dryer in a footprint less than one square metre.

That means care homes, who often lack the space for a commercial washing machine, can now take advantage of innovative features previously only available to larger businesses and laundries.

The patented frequency-controlled motor ensures that the machine is extremely quiet, with noise levels less than 70db - compared to the average speaking voice of 60-65db - even at high spin speeds, so residents will not be disturbed.

The Little Giant also features Miele’s award-winning Honeycomb drum. This lifts fabrics away from the drum and reduces the likelihood of them being damaged, ensuring each item is treated carefully and gently so garments keep their shape and last longer.

As with all Miele professional washing machines, the Little Giant has been built to last. Unlike many domestic models or even similar commercial machines, each Little Giant has been tested to 30,000 cycles – the equivalent of eight cycles a day, seven days a week, for ten years. 

Sam Bailey, sales and marketing director for Miele’s professional division said: “At Miele is it important to us that we support our customers whenever we can. This July promotion on our Little Giant range should help some of our care customers who could be struggling with budgeting after a particularly difficult period.”

More information about the offer can be found at https://www.miele.co.uk/professional/little-giants-big-savings-2049.htm