Hindhead care home to grow an extra leg

The Huntington & Langham Estate care home in Surrey is undertaking an extensive extension to increase accommodation expand living space for its residents.

The extension of the Hindhead site will see 12 new bedrooms added to the estate’s existing 68-bed offering.

In addition to the extra rooms, the extension will double the communal space for existing bedrooms, allowing for two additional lounge areas.

A combination of two specialist family-run care homes, the Huntington & Langham Estate offers residential, nursing and dementia care within 30-acres of garden and woodland.

In addition, a new wheelchair-friendly road will provide access to more areas of the estate, including its animal grazing fields and woodland.

The fields are home to sheep, horses and chickens, as well as honey-producing beehives, and a lily-bedecked pond frequented by a variety of waterfowl.

The new road will provide greater access to these areas for residents, allowing them to spend more time outdoors.

Completion of the extension is scheduled for March 2021.

“Opting for 12 rooms allows us to welcome more residents, but it also helps us to maintain our ethos, which is to present a familiar, homely environment that’s focused on household living,” said Huntington & Langham Estate director Charlie Hoare.

“I’m most excited about the potential for the homes to be really bespoke. Our living areas are broken up into separate ‘households’ within the home, and the extension means we’ll have five households, all of which can now be tailored and individualised to suit specific needs,” he added.