Veteran opens remembrance garden

Sunrise of Bramhall paid its respects to the fallen on Remembrance Sunday with the opening of a new Garden by a D-Day veteran.

The idea for the Garden of Remembrance came about to provide a quiet space for residents to be able to sit and reflect. The garden was designed by Sunrise of Bramhall’s maintenance manager Marc Ward and includes a hand-painted mural by activities assistant Sarah Durham.

The garden itself was poignantly opened by D-Day veteran Cyril Tolley who is a resident at the care home. He served in the Royal Navy as a lieutenant and on D-Day he was responsible for steering the landing crafts on to the beaches, during which he can remember bullets flying past his head.

He gave a speech reflecting on those who gave their lives for our freedom and recited some poetry. Despite being a cold morning many residents and team members, warmed by cups of Bovril, came out in the cold to pay their respects.

Ruth Baggs, general manager at Sunrise of Bramhall, says: “We are incredibly pleased with how the new garden has turned out and it was an honour for Cyril to officially open it.

“The garden provides a space to reflect and honour the sacrifices made by all those who have died in conflict and will be the central point for our remembrance services from now on.”