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Support Social Care Heroes launched to honour dedication

A new organisation has launched to support social care workers and recognise their dedication and personal sacrifices.

Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH) has been established by Nicola Richards, managing director of Palms Row Health Care and chair of the Sheffield Care Association.

SSCH, which is in the process of achieving charitable status, aims to preserve, protect and improve the health and wellbeing of those providing social care.

Donations to SSCH will raise funds to be used solely in supporting care workers, enabling a better work-life balance, improved resilience, fewer acute cases through stress, and eliminating chronic long-term illness whenever possible and retaining talent within the sector to help stabilise the current staffing crisis.

Work will focus on taking successful person centred, holistic and fun wellbeing pilot programmes and scaling them up to deliver for care heroes across the country.

“We’re facing a precipice in social care and Support for Social Care Heroes is building a bridge to a future in which those who need care, and those caring for them, are valued by society,” said Richards (pictured).

"The care sector loses its best people every week. Our organisation aims to end this revolving door for employees by bringing greater meaning to their role and supporting employers to make meaningful, long-term changes to their circumstances,” she added.

“Our country’s social care heroes have been on the front line and in the headlines for over 18 months and, though there is more public recognition for the amazing work they do, they are overworked, underpaid and lacking support.”

Roberts continued: “While the sector continues to fight for fair wages and conditions for carers, SSCH aims to fill a gap by improving the wellbeing of these vital workers and show them that they are valued.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to or support the new organisation can do so by visiting

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